​​​​T.A.P.Troy Mills, Iowa 

**Also, we are going to try another way of announcements.  We are going to use the remind app.  I have attached instructions to join.  
1. Go to www.remind.com
2. Click on I'm a student or parent
3. Enter @taptr and join T. Munson's Tap Troy Mills and follow instructions.
This will be used mainly for cancellations or acnnouncements that we may have.

Please ask if you have any questions! Thanks

  •   Pictures - April 8th, 2018 - please look at the schedule below.  If you can't make it please let you           teacher know before that day! 

                            Picture Times 2018.pdf

  • Recital clothing -  Due March 29, 2018

          There is a list of names at the studio.  Please make sure your child is on the sheet and their name is spelled           correctly.​