​​​​T.A.P.Troy Mills, Iowa 

**Also, we are going to try a new way of announcements.  We are going to use the remind app.  I have attached instructions to join.  
1. Go to www.remind.com
2. Click on I'm a student or parent
3. Enter @taptr and join T. Munson's Tap Troy Mills and follow instructions.
This will be used mainly for cancellations or acnnouncements that we may have.

Please ask if you have any questions! Thanks


​T.A.P. Rehearsal and Recital Information 2017

Rehearsal will be held on Friday, May 5th at the High School. Rehearsal will start at 5:00 p.m. with a brief informative meeting. Please arrive on time to receive necessary information. We will practice the Finale dance first, followed by the Father/Daughter dance. Each group will be called on stage to practice their entrance, their dance, and their exit. Some groups may be asked to stay longer to practice if necessary. Please wear clothes you can dance in (regular dance attire will be fine). There will be some downtime between dances, so you may want to bring light snacks and quiet activities to occupy your child. Once you have practiced all of your dances on stage AND your teacher has excused your group, you are free to leave.

 Students will sit with their classmates and 2-3 “Class Parents” during the rehearsal. The “Class Parents” will assist with shoe changes, bathroom breaks, and bringing the students to the stage area when they are close to performing.  When it is not their turn to practice, the “Class Parents” will also assist in helping the students wait quietly in their groups.

 Recital is Saturday, May 6th at 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm at the North Linn Middle School.  You must arrive 30 minutes prior to show-time. Please arrive with hair and makeup completed, and bring your costume/s and dance shoes. Hair should be pulled back in a low bun and secured with bobby pins, hair gel, or hair spray. Makeup should be “stage” makeup, including blush, mascara and lipstick (stage makeup is applied heavier than everyday makeup). All clothing and shoes should be labeled. It is recommended you don’t wear underwear. Undergarments are easily seen on stage (even through the costumes). If you must wear underwear, make sure straps and lines are invisible. Each group will have a designated room backstage, with room helpers. Everyone will stay for the entire recital, when the entire company returns to the stage for our finale. 

​Recital May 6th:​

            1st Show: 4:30pm                                                                                             2nd Show: 7:30 pm
Father/Daughter                                                                                                      Father/Daughter
HS                                                                                                                               HS
7th/8th Grade                                                                                                          5th/6th Grade
Preschool Tuesday (Dani)                                                                                      1st/2nd Thursday Tap/Hip Hop/Ballet (Leah)
Kindergarten Tuesday (Dani)                                                                               Kindergarten Thursday (Dani)
1st/2nd Tuesday Tap/Hip Hop/Ballet (Dani)                                                      3rd/4th Thursday Tap/Jazz/Ballet/Hip Hop (Dani and Tiffany)            
3rd/4th Tuesday Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop (Dani)                                                         Preschool Thursday (Leah)   
Preschool Monday (Lexie)
Kindergarten Monday (Lexie)